What it’s like to pay 400 € / month and have prostitutes on the upper floor

The fun part was that this video chat studio was about to expand its field of activity — from heels stomping the entire night, furniture moving and the sound of solo performances in front of cameras — sooner than we would have thought, we started to hear the furniture being banged like crazy, hard slaps on body parts and a lot of men growling — women moaning and yelling like they are being sluthered and everything that allowed you to picture the brothel's "menu" just by trying to fall asleep in the apartment below.

I was in shock. It was so frustrating and humiliating, I was being sleep deprived for quite some time now and that shit was the main reason for it.. I wanted to smash their door open and do really horror shit to each and every person contributing to my sleepless nights in Bucharest.

"Thank you for coming to my unrequested Ted Talk."

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