What it’s like to pay 400 € / month and have prostitutes on the upper floor

Although I grew up in kind of a sketchy neighbourhood, I have never ever thought of myself as being surrounded by bizarre local people.

I did see an old man with a toothless smile sticking his penis in the park’s fence a couple of times when I was in middle school, but other than running home crying and telling mom, no life-changing scars were made by that view.

But little did I know that by the time I would turn 25, I would move in with my boyfriend and pay 400 € / month on a residential flat in Bucharest and have a brothel above our heads.

It was the beautiful and magical summer of 2017.
Trump was yet to be elected, the Brits were still regretting, we all know what - the weather was fine, but I had a hard time falling asleep.
That was really unusual because I can literally fall asleep under any circumstances.

„Maybe we have a new couple that just moved in and they are excited about the whole place.” – I naively told myself and my boyfriend in the nights that followed.

Weeks have passed and our new neighbours were still cat walking in high heels from 12 to 4–5 am and humping like the world was cuming to an end every bloody night.

After long internal disputes and contradictions, we told the owner and the happy news hit us in the face like a fast-moving train:

"There's a videochat studio on the top floor. But it really is ok, everything is legal and they pay good money." The owner agreed to talk to them and keep it down.

The fun part was that this video chat studio was about to expand its field of activity — from heels stomping the entire night, furniture moving and the sound of solo performances in front of cameras — sooner than we would have thought, we started to hear the furniture being banged like crazy, hard slaps on body parts and a lot of men growling — women moaning and yelling like they are being sluthered and everything that allowed you to picture the brothel's "menu" just by trying to fall asleep in the apartment below.

I was in shock. It was so frustrating and humiliating, I was being sleep deprived for quite some time now and that shit was the main reason for it.. I wanted to smash their door open and do really horror shit to each and every person contributing to my sleepless nights in Bucharest.

The "pimps" looked like they served some time and not in the army and the fact that we couldn’t reach their floor, due to the elevator requiring a special key to press the 5th-floor button — calling the police would have also been pointless since they couldn’t possibly reach the apartment.

I am writing this story now after I have spent 3 hours last night listening to what it seemed to be the very cheap production of a retro gang bang.

It is scandalous that we have to pay money and go through all of this bullshit.
Remember that feeling when you get home after a long day at work and all you want to do is lay in bed and take a nap?
-Well, I don't know what it's like anymore. Not, unless I tape 2 pillows to my ears.

The sad part is the fact that I woke up this morning all grumpy and cranky and felt so miserable and dirty after hearing all that noise and I believe I was the only one who took a shower.

Did something remotely similar ever happen to you?



Spinning words and crafting stories 🫶🏻. I write about creative processes, mental health, and personal growth.

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Andreea Cristea

Spinning words and crafting stories 🫶🏻. I write about creative processes, mental health, and personal growth.